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Nengah Wenten Balinese HealerWenten was born into a traditional Balinese family in the mountain area of Lombok, the island next to Bali in Indonesia. Since he was 12 years old Wenten received spiritual guidance and instruction, graduating as a Yogi to offer counselling and healing to the Balinese community, where he is regularly called upon to perform service. Wenten now also offers this unique healing to the international community.

Wenten has an extensive knowledge of the Bhavagad Gita, Mahabrata and Ramayana which he has studied all of his life, and is fluent in spoken and written Sanskrit. He practices yoga and meditation daily in his home, and in the Balinese Temples of Lombok and Bali.

Wenten has a good understanding of western philosophies and traditions having lived and travelled in Australia, Germany, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as an education and experience in economics, international tourism and community development.

What is Balinese Healing?

Balinese healing brings you the concept of balance and unity in the tradition of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

  • Brahma – Bringing balance to the body’s energy systems, known as the chakras, to help the body to heal the energy systems of your life.
  • Vishnu – For relaxation to build harmony, peace and confidence in your life.
  • Shiva – Influence to remove toxins, disease and imbalances to bring you back into a state of balance.

We now realize that we are all one; traditions that once belonged to a select few are now available to everyone, no matter what culture, religion, or belief system, to help us to heal ourselves, our family, our community and our planet.

Balinese Healing is open to everyone, no matter what your belief system or if you have no belief system – it can still be offered and can help you.

Why do we need healing?

Balinese Healing helps you to find your peace. Peace in your mind, peace in your body, peace with your spiritual and finding peace with your life.

Why peaceful? Sometimes we forget who we are. You are a small particle of the universe and sometimes you forget you are part of the whole universe. In reality every single particle is connected to the universe. Balinese Healing will help you to feel this connection and remember who you are as a spirit or soul.

Wenten says: Sometimes you are driving your car on a bumpy road and feel that something is wrong, it is uncomfortable, but it is not us, it is the road!

Sometimes your battery is simply low and needs recharging. These are the aims of Balinese healing.

What does DISTANCE Balinese Healing look like?Distance Balinese Healer

A time will be made for your session to suit both of you with time differences. Wenten works from Lombok which is the same time zone as Perth, Australia. 6am in Lombok is often a good time to do your healing, or any time to suit during the day/evening is also fine. Wenten may also check for the best date and time according to the Balinese Calendar.

You are asked to have a glass of water next to you and it is suggested to light incense or a candle, if you want to.

Wenten will phone you at the arranged time, or you might arrange to phone him it that is easier. His phone in Indonesia or WhatsApp is: +62 878 6542 8011

He will briefly explain what will happen during the session and then ask if you are ready.

You will be asked to lay down or sit in a relaxed, comfortable position on a bed, lounge or chair.

Wenten will begin the session with Sanskrit chanting for a minute or two and then let you know you can hang up the phone. He will continue with the healing. You dont need to do anything except to relax and allow.

When he has completed the healing he will phone you again (in around 20-25 minutes) and will ask you to take 3 small sips of the water. As a blessing and completion of the healing he will then ask you to sprinkle a little of the water on your forehead 3 times. He will then ask you to sprinkle a little water on the bed or chair where you have been laying.

He will ask if you want to talk about your experience, what you felt or what your impressions were. He usually will offer some suggestions of how you can help yourself with your spiritual health, energy and lifestyle.

Allow around 35-45 minutes for the session including phone calls and the session.

You may want to take some time to yourself after the healing to allow the unfolding of this powerful experience.

Follow up healing is suggested if you feel it appropriate, in the next week. Wenten recommends one session, two or three for the full experience.

Option A: As Above.

Option B: If you prefer, you may book the session/s and confirm the day/time. Wenten will do the session/s at this time without calling you, you can lay down and relax at the agreed time and then send him an email afterwards with your experience, call him, or just allow the healing to unfold.

Option C: You may book a session for another person. Wenten will let you know the day/time he will do the session/s and there is no need for any follow up, except when you speak to the person or if you notice anything different you can then let him know.

What does an IN-PERSON Balinese Healing look like?Balinese Healer

Each session may be a little different as it is personally for you, however it will generally be like this:

You will make an appointment date and time to suit and it will usually be in your accommodation in Lombok, Bali or other surrounding islands where Wenten can travel to.

Payment is to be made ahead to confirm the appointment, unless you prefer to pay in cash which can be on the day, before the session starts, in Rupia, USD, AUD etc

Wenten will introduce himself to you, bringing the traditional Balinese flower offering, incense and blessed water.

He will briefly explain what will happen during the session and then ask if you have any questions.

You will be asked to lay down in a relaxed, comfortable position on a massage table, bed, day bed or lounge (whatever is most comfortable for you) with your eyes closed.

Wenten Balinese HealerYou will hear chanting in Sanskrit and perhaps feel vibrations and sensations as he works with his hands off the body. You dont need to say or do anything, just relax and allow the healing.

At the end you will be blessed with the sacred water and the session is complete.

You may want to remain laying down, or sit up and Wenten will ask you if you want to talk about your experience. You may have a lot to share, and it is also fine if you do not wish to talk.

He usually will offer some suggestions of how you can help yourself with your spiritual health, energy and lifestyle.

The session is for a total of around 35-45 minutes. You will probably want to take a little time to yourself after the healing to allow the unfolding of this powerful experience.

Follow up healing is suggested if you feel it appropriate, on the next day, or the next week.

“Wenten is a powerful authentic healer. Having a healing with Wenten is no ordinary experience. I sensed a uniqueness found with very few energy healers. He is inspiring, non-judgmental, kind, patient, understanding, sincere and wise, with great integrity. I would strongly recommend Balinese healing sessions from Wenten to those seeking restoration of any kind.” – Terri Bradley, Sydney, Australia, October 2013

Book Healing Sessions with Wenten by distance or in person:

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Wenten offers Balinese Healing at your hotel or accommodation in Lombok or Bali in Indonesia, and by distance to any country.

Donation/Fee: $120 USD  20% DISCOUNT:
$96USD for one session or $239USD for three sessions

Special Offer for Australia or New Zealand distance sessions:
$90AUD for one session or $229AUD for three sessions

Cash, PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer are accepted.

Donation/fee is payable in advance to confirm your appointment, thank you.

How many sessions: One, two or three sessions are recommended. The first session is Brahma healing, the second Vishnu Healing and the third Shiva Healing.

Sessions in Bali or surrounding islands: Minimum 2 persons or 2 healings plus an additional $90 USD travel fee (from Lombok) payable in advance, thank you.

Distance Session: We can talk before your healing, and then afterwards. WhatsApp is the best for Wenten, if you don’t have it, its easy to join. Alternatively you can arrange to make a phone call to him instead of him calling you.


Wenten speaks fluent English, German, Indonesian, Malay, basic Japanese and some other languages. He prefers to communicate by Phone or WhatsApp as he is better at speaking your language than typing!

Please send an email with your WhatsApp details for him to call you, or phone him directly

Payment Details:

Cash: Accepted in USD or equivalent in Indonesian Rupia, Euro, AUD, etc
Paypal/Credit Card: Click on the link or
International Bank Transfer: Details are below. works well for Indonesia.

Recipient Name: I Nengah Wenten (must include the I)
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Country: Indonesia

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Bank Rakyat Indonesia (persero) tbk
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Contact Wenten today:
WhatsApp: +62 878 6542 8011
Telephone: +62 878 6542 8011
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Alternate Payment Arrangement:

If you feel more comfortable making payment within Australia, you can pay via Credit Card/PayPal/Bank Transfer direct to Julie Jara who will forward it on to Wenten. Send an email to Julie@juliejara

Special Offer for Australia or New Zealand distance sessions:
$90AUD for one session or $229AUD for three sessions