Balinese Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony

You will be picked up and driven to the Temple in Suranadi, which is the largest Balinese Hindu Temple in Lombok, where there are five holy water springs.

The name Suranadi means big spring: Sura = elephant and Nadi = spring.

In Hindu theology, there are the six enemies of the mind, the negative characteristics of which prevent people from attaining moksha or enlightenment. These are the fundamental tenets of Kali Yuga or the stage the world is currently going through. The more each individual fights the six enemies, the longer will be the life of Dharma or duty in this yuga. These enemies bind the soul to the process of birth and death and keep it confined in this material world.

The Sad Ripu or six enemies are:

काम् Lust or desire

क्रोध् Anger

लोभ् Greed

मद् Pride

मोह Emotional attachment or temptation

मात्सर्य Jealousy or envy

The cleansing process aims to purify the heart through Bakti (participation) to ensure universal peace and to bring understanding of the meaning of the love.

The authorized Balinese Temple Priest leads the ceremony.

You will get changed to a special ceremony sarong before being led to the holy spring water. You will undergo a cleansing ceremony and spiritual purification process to bring balance and peace.

After drying off and getting changed back into your dry clothes you will wear another sarong with temple scarf. The priest will lead praying and offerings (provided) will be made.

You will return to your hotel revitalized and refreshed.

Wear: You may want to wear your swimming costume, or underwear that will be worn under the special ceremony sarong that is worn into the water. You will get wet.

Provided: The special ceremony sarong will be provided (by donation).

Bring: Clothes to change back into after the cleansing ceremony. For the second stage of the ceremony you may bring your own sarong and temple scarf or Wenten can provide.

Time: 4 hours

Additional expenses: Donation to the temple and donation for the special ceremony sarong.

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