Lombok Waterfall Tour

Local Lombok market, scenery, monkey forest and waterfall

Start the day at a local market where you can see the ingredients that go into the foods you have been eating. See many different types of ginger and buy some fresh fruit if you want. Be ready to bargain as it is the local way and expected when you purchase.

Stop at a natural monkey forest 1,200 metres above sea level where you can see beautiful views across the forest to the ocean and see the most famous three islands Gilli Air, Gilli Meno and Gilli T. Bring some peanuts in the shell if you want to feed the monkeys.

Lunch is at a local fishing village where you can eat fish sate. The local sweet coffee is good too. (Or lunch of your choice along the way).

Meet with a local guide* and walk through the stunning forest to the crystal clear cool waters of a waterfall. Bring your swimmers if you want to refresh in the water.

Time: 8 hours

Additional expenses: Lunch, drinks, local guide at the waterfall

*Important Note: The government has introduced tourism regulations to help local people in the villages, so local guides will show you their own areas where indicated. This is an additional expense and is paid directly to the local guide.

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