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Wenten is friendly, reliable, honest, enthusiastic, well educated, helpful, understanding, entertaining, resourceful, has many years experience in travel and tourism, knows a lot about Lombok and has a hilarious sense of humor.

Nengah Wenten (who we call Wenten) was born into a traditional Balinese family in the mountain area of Lombok, the island next to Bali in Indonesia.

Wenten has been involved in travel and tourism in Indonesia since 1989 and has a Senior National Tour Guide License.

Wenten is also a member of the Indonesian Tour Guide Association. He has led tours throughout Indonesia, taught tourism, as well as teaching Balinese and Sasak culture. He has a good understanding of western philosophies and traditions having lived and travelled in Australia, Germany, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, and he has an education and experience in economics, community development and tourism.

He speaks fluent German, English, Indonesian, Malaysian, and the local lanuagages of Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa. He also understands and can communicate in basic Japanese and other languages – just ask him.

In addition he speaks and writes fluently in Sanskrit.

As a tour guide, Wenten has a charisma and sense of humour that you will remember for a long time after meeting him.

Career highlightsSenior Guide Badge LombokIndonesian Tour Guide Association Badge

  • Owner of Welcome Lombok Tours
  • Tour coordinator with Cultural Adventure Trips
  • Teacher of tourism and culture
  • Lufthansa sales representative specializing in Lombok tours and transport
  • Tour guide to 5 star guests on land and sea tours to Komodo Island
  • Teacher of Balinese culture to school children
  • Public relations consultant to government for the Lombok International Airport
  • Team leader for government environment project in Lombok
  • Operations Manager, business advisor and trainer to international import company

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