Secret Islands Adventure Snorkeling Tour

Secret Island Lombok

Gili Nangu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis are islands waiting for you to discover their beauty – explore all three islands with an outrigger boat, swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

Drive along the panoramic hills of the south coast of Lombok where you will pass many fishing villages and many small islands. Bring your camera!

Take a local outrigger boat to unspoilt Gili Nangu with it’s white sandy beaches for a snorkeling adventure. Snorkel and swim in the aqua blue waters among hundreds of tropical fish of many different varieties, see corals of different colours and shapes.

Watch the video below of arriving on the island.

Then we visit the second island, Gili Sudak for lunch at a small warong on the edge of the water and sand. Enjoy a fresh coconut juice, grilled fish, and other local food.

After lunch we hop to the next island Gili Kedis which is a very small island you can walk around in 5 minutes, its great for photos and you can enjoy another swim in the clear waters before returning to the boat port and then driving back to your accommodation.

Watch the video below of one snorkeling trip with guests. Please note that this was filmed on a cloudy day so looks a little dull in the filming, but there was actually great visability.

Time: 8 hours

Bring: Suncreen, hat, towel, water

Additional expenses: Lunch, drinks, snorkel and fin hire, or bring your own.

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